Cute Pathan ka Bacha Ahmad shah

Pathan's Cute Boy: Ahmad Shah 

Ahmed Shah is a kid celebrity in Pakistan and has millions of fans all over the world. Ahmed Shah was a simple kid and living his simple life in his village, but on October 6, 2018, was the day when Ahmed's life changes forever. who knows when what happens. he was as normally want to his school on 6, October 2018

but that was the day when Ahmed Shah life changes forever and his teacher made a video of him during class when the teacher was simply messing with Ahmed Shah for fun and making a video. that video was viral all over the world.

the reason that makes video viral was the debang style of Ahmed Shah when he is saying,"ooye mera basta ha". Now, what was actually in that video that makes him from simple kid to a kid celebrity. Here watch for your self.

Ye Mera Basta Hai 

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TikTok Videos of Ahmed Shah

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